Horses Habitat

by Erwan Bouroullec

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Blurring the boundary between art and coding, Erwan Bouroullec’s remarkable body of work explores how we experience and understand our surrounding environments. The series invites us to notice the effects of our actions, and offers a poignant perspective on our incremental distancing from nature.

“The countryside is for me where human presence overlaps onto nature. [...] So I am looking for this: the overlaps and impressions.” - Erwan Bouroullec on his series ‘The Impossible’.


Edition of 50

Mankind’s greatest contribution to the wild is plastic. We built a material that doesn’t degrade, so it will last forever, like a stone. Most of the time it’s coated so no roots can really enter it. But nature starts to grow around it, and at some point they become integrated.
Symmetry is one thing, perfect repetition is another habit of mankind’s. Most industrial production hates diversity and irregularity. Plastic parts repeat their very nature: conformed, bright, coloured. But at least they’ve been spread and abandoned so much that they also create their own world. They’re like a kind of strange species, a little like butterflies.

To me they impact very strongly on the colour scheme of nature, bringing some yellows, blues, extreme reds, and coats of gold.

The horse habitat was very low key.
Old fences, multitudes of dying ropes, buckets; you could see the distant love of a rider, who may have left to study somewhere else. But the horses looked in good shape, and I guess I was the only one there trying to understand.

Erwan B
May 22.




Erwan Bouroullec, ‘HORSES HABITAT’, 2022
Editions of 50, signed (digitally) and numbered.
Digitally printed onto 300gsm Platinum Etching paper.
Available unframed or in our custom-made waxed oak frame (profile E with white fillet).

Print size: 595 × 895mm
Framed print size: 620 × 920 × 35mm
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