Replanted Fir

by Erwan Bouroullec

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Blurring the boundary between art and coding, Erwan Bouroullec’s remarkable body of work explores how we experience and understand our surrounding environments. The series invites us to notice the effects of our actions, and offers a poignant perspective on our incremental distancing from nature.

“The countryside is for me where human presence overlaps onto nature. [...] So I am looking for this: the overlaps and impressions.” - Erwan Bouroullec on his series ‘The Impossible’.


Edition of 50

In the area where I shot, one of the greatest fears is when woodsmen erase areas of planted forest. But what I see is one more attempt to create grids, alignment, symmetry. After the woodsmen have finished, you get a piece of Robert Smithson for free: the entropy realised by horsepower encased within machinery that’s too efficient.

It was just at the bottom of a hill, on a curve, and the cut revealed the verticality of the firs behind.

Quite reassuringly, I could align, and count. Saved from the wild.

Erwan B
May 22.



Erwan Bouroullec, ‘REPLANTED FIR’, 2022
Editions of 50, signed (digitally) and numbered.
Digitally printed onto 300gsm Platinum Etching paper.
Available unframed or in our custom-made waxed oak frame (profile E with white fillet).

Print size: 595 × 895mm
Framed print size: 620 × 920 × 35mm
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