Freeling Waters

“We sit exactly between the worlds of interior design and autonomous art”, states Job Wouters - one half of FreelingWaters. The Dutch duo merges the artistry of Gijs Frieling (Amsterdam, NL 1966) and Job Wouters (Leiden, NL 1980). Navigating between calligraphy, painting, graphic design, furniture and architecture, FreelingWaters takes hybrid creativity to new levels.
Frieling has received international recognition for his large-scale paintings and murals, bringing together 18th century folk art and pre-Rennaissance wall painting. Wouters, a graphic designer turned master calligrapher, is recognised for his singular psychedelic aesthetic. Exquisitely crafted, FreelingWaters’ collaborative work becomes a commentary on a culture dominated by visual monotony and mass production.
“A lot of people are [...] longing for direction and simplicity in a world overly abundant with objects.” - Gijs Frieling

After meeting in 2018 at W130, an artist run space in Amsterdam, the duo joined forces on exhibitions, books, and a full length ‘lived painted’ mural in Paris’ Grand Palais, for fashion designer Dries van Noten. “our collaboration, or really this ‘conversation’ between us... I guess we realised instantly that we had a lot to say to each other - and we’ve never stopped ‘talking’ since.” - Job Wouters
Since 2020, the pair have been reworking antique furniture, premiering their debut collection at London Design Week and Design Miami/Shanghai in the autumn of 2021. In May 2022, they opened their first American solo exhibition at The Future Perfect in New York. In June of the same year FreelingWaters launched their first series of limited edition prints with The Wrong Shop.


Works by Freeling Waters

  1. Puwee
  2. Titi Titi
    Titi Titi
  3. Chap Chap
    Chap Chap