Rop van Mierlo


Van Mierlo studied at Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated cum laude in 2008. He works with various mediums but starts his process mostly with drawing or painting. Control – or the absence of it – is an important part of his work.


He is best known for his picture book ‘Wild Animals’, which won a Dutch Design Award in 2011. Van Mierlo is intrigued by the human need to control nature. Using a wet-on-wet technique, he paints animals that he can’t control. His books are sold in MoMA New York, Design Museum London and (late) Colette in Paris, amongst others.

Van Mierlo has collaborated on projects with Hermès, Marni, Head Porter and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. In 2019 Van Mierlo received the Vimeo Best of the Year Award in New York for his work Trippy Isolator / Dances with Wolves, a music video for DJ and producer Young Marco.

Works by Rop van Mierlo

  1. Bear
  2. Crocodile
  3. Jaguar
  4. Mandril
  5. Panda